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What You Need to Know About Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt is well-known in the international entertainment industry, and he is considered to be an influential public figure. His career is undoubtedly one of the most successful even among his contemporaries. His popularity in the public and film industry has been evidenced by his multiple awards and nominations for his work. He has also established a name as a producer through his company, Plan B Entertainment. In addition, Brad Pitt is a philanthropist who supports diverse humanitarian and even political causes. He has worked with his fellow actors, including Clooney, Wyclef Jean and Don Cheadle to help diverse initiatives. Interested in learning more about Pitt’s philanthropic work?

Brad Pitt has been acting since 1987, but he did not receive major recognition until 1991. The film that brought him into the spotlight was Thelma & Louise. He acted in a supporting role as a cowboy hitchhiker known as JD. This movie opened his path to lead roles in major dramas soon after such as Interview with the Vampire and A River Runs Through It. His most acclaimed film performance during his early days as an actor was 12 Monkeys which earned him an Academy nomination. Pitt achieved major international success from the public after the Ocean’s Eleven movie, which elevated his career exponentially and led him to even bigger roles. However, his most successful movies commercially are World War Z, Troy and Mr & Mrs Smith. Would you like to learn more about Brad’s filmography?

The personal life of Brad Pitt has received wide publicity since he became a household name in the entertainment industry. In 2000, he was married to Jennifer Aniston but they divorced after five years. In 2014, he married his former co-star Angelina Jolie, who filed for divorce in September 2016. This has not slowed down the fifty-two year old star. His movie Allied in which he has starred alongside Marion Cotillard will be released in November 2016. Would you like to learn more about other upcoming Brad Pitt films?

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